About the Roy Girls

The Roy Girls have been readers since Day One.  Both of them can probably still recite Fox in Socks due to years of Roy Girl the Younger’s obsessive playing of the audio cassette before bed.  Due to their need to blather about books without melting the brains of their men, they created this space.

Roy Girl the Elder, also known as Leila, is a librarian of sorts (she’s working on the MLS) in southern Maine and runs the litblog Bookshelves of Doom in her spare time.

Roy Girl the Younger, also known as Briana, currently molds¹ young minds as a high school social studies teacher in western Maine.  She has no spare time²³.


¹ read: “that bread is moldy”

² Elder here.  What exactly do you call all the time that you sit on the roof, drinking beer and reading?

³ Y: I have no idea what you’re talking about.  Perhaps you have consumed that mind altering beverage, treasured sister.♥

♥E:  Treasure this.  Also, no.  I know better than to drink and blog.  Mostly.


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