While reading Jean Plaidy’s Madame Serpent

…I discovered a torture device that was new to me¹.

The guy — who was being interrogated about the sudden death of the Dauphin — gets his legs and feet crushed by The Boot².


THEN, as if that wasn’t enough, he gets drawn and quartered.  (Apparently, even though Count Montecuccoli confessed (because confessions under torture are oh-so-trustworthy), François III may have actually died of tuberculosis.)

And Catherine hasn’t even STARTED poisoning people yet.


¹Not that I’m hugely well-versed in torture devices.  But I have seen a lot of horror movies, so… you know.  I’ve picked things up.  And there was that very first episode of Wire in the Blood.  SQUICK.  Love that show, but WOW.  I totally understand why some people were unable to keep watching.  (Though they’re missing out.  Robson Green, mmmmmm.)

²While I was reading up on that, I discovered the existence of the show Surviving History, which sadly only lasted one season.  It sounds like a pretty awesome premise, though maybe not for the super-squeamish.


4 Responses to While reading Jean Plaidy’s Madame Serpent

  1. CC says:

    Does that tag line *really* say “The story of a fantastic and unholy woman”? Because if so? Hilarious.

    (That’s a semi-serious question, I not super confident about the first line; crappy monitor.)

  2. roygirltheyounger says:

    i love that your seventies copy has as racy a cover as mine.

    • Ooo, what does yours look like? And according to the place where I found that image, that cover is actually from 1954. Why are book covers no longer any fun? I ask you.

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